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cradle for the king

where Christmas begins

As the author, I wanted to share our experience! We set up our Cradle in mid-November and read the book frequently throughout the season. Closer to December, my kiddo got really serious about wanting to make sure baby Jesus had a soft place to sleep. There definitely was a change in behavior, but I love that the change wasn’t with the expectation of a physical reward - the reward was making Jesus happy and blessing others. He was very excited to see the baby Christmas morning. I am so glad I got to work on this project and hope it has blessed other families as well!
— Kae Lunde, author and illustrator of Cradle for the King

No Participation Trophy for You

(I mean me)

When we created Cradle for the King, I had high hopes of every household sharing in the joy it had brought us. As it turns out though, I am no businessman. We have tried for four years and there are houses all across the country with a set but now is the time to consider closing up shop.

Please help clear out storage. Even if 4 Stones Publishing, LLC comes to an end, I will still be around to help make sure you get the most out of your set.

You still have time to make Cradle for the King a meaningful part of your holiday season and at 60% off there is no better time than now. Find one of the buttons and head over to the “Shop” page to get yours today!

Christmas time is a wonderful time, especially with young children. Their wonder at the lights, decorations, the mall Santas, the parties, Christmas lists, and time with family brings a joy to a parent's heart.

There is another side to Christmas time. There are the crowded stores and long lines, the over-stimulating noises, smells and sights on the streets and in gatherings with friends and family, the constant asking for, even demanding, things, the bickering between siblings, and the over-tired and grumpy little ones who refuse to sleep but can't keep their eyes open.

We, as parents, find it hard to connect with our children when our schedules are full amidst all the added responsibilities of the holiday season. We want this time to remind our children of the reason we celebrate. We want to instill our values into them but often have a hard time practicing them ourselves as we rush from one task to another.

Often, during "the calm after the storm", reflecting back on the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas missed opportunities glare at us, moments when our children could have learned a valuable lesson in a fun-filled way yet all they heard from us was "Stop that!" or "Be quiet!" or "Don't do that to your sister!"

Cradle for the King can help!

Life won't be perfect if you buy Cradle for the King. Children do not suddenly become the polite little angels modeled by Shirley Temple so many years ago.

Life will be better, though. Children will grow in patience and hard work and sharing and loving. The family will notice the good in each other more. There will be more smiles and laughs and memories.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if we don't get it right?

  • That is one of the beautiful things about Cradle for the King. As parents, it is so easy to notice the bad behavior and the good can get lost in the busyness of our lives. The more you use the strings, the more you will start noticing ways to point out your children for positive behaviors. As your children get use to putting in a "String for the King", they will start noticing other family members doing positive things. They will even start catching you and telling you to put in a "String for the King". Will you miss some things? Yes. Will it be hard to remember to put in a string when you get home from a game or shopping, etc.? Sometimes. That is alright though. You are all growing and learning together as a family. Have fun with it.

Where did the idea for Cradle for the King come from?

  • Cradle for the King has been a important part of the Christmas season in the home of the founders of 4 Stone Publishing, LLC for over a decade. They decided it was time for every family to have the opportunity to pour into their children and build positive values during a very hectic time of the year.

Does Cradle for the King take a lot of time and energy?

  • One of the most exciting aspects of Cradle for the King is the fact that it adds nothing to the families already hectic schedule. Once you set out the cradle and yarn at the start of the season, all you have to do is catch each other living out the values you hold dear. The person who has been caught then puts in a "String for the King". Cradle for the King is a new tradition that fits the rhythm of your family's life.

What kind of values should we be looking for?

  • That depends a lot on your family and what you feel is important. A good starting point is the Fruit of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5:22-23. Think about what you would like to see in your family. Is hard work important? How about creativity? Some families would like to see more waiting patiently or good sportsmanship. There is a list of ideas in the back of the book that comes as part of your set.

  • Cradle for the King is designed for families like yours in mind. This project and the families it will impact has been prayed over for years. Once you purchase your Cradle for the King, your family will be prayed for by name. If ever you have a specific prayer request, please send us an email.

What comes in Cradle for the King?

  • Cradle for the King comes with a children's book of the same name, the manger that becomes His Cradle, yarn to make a soft bed, and a beautiful, plush Jesus doll.

Why are traditions like this important?

  • Kieth Dobbs has written traditions provide children

    • A sense of belonging within the family

    • A stronger sense of personal identity

    • A sense of purpose

    • Greater feelings of stability and security

    • Stronger feelings of connection with the family

    • Increased resistance to negative influences and peer pressure


If for any reason there is a manufacture defect in any portion of your Cradle for the King, please contact us at 4stonespublishing@gmail.com so we can arrange for a replacement.


Shipping by USPS Priority Mail is included in the price.

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4 Stones Publishing

Rhythms exist all around us and each family has their own. Within this rhythm, we have our day-to-day activities, our holiday and family celebrations, our times of learning and of play. When families are purposeful in how they use their rhythms, they form tighter bonds and pass on important values. Parents are searching for traditions that are their own and help pass on family values. 4 Stones Publishing is here to help.

Our name comes from Deuteronomy 6 and Joshua 4. In Moses' instructions to the Israelites before they crossed into the promise land, he talks about 4 times in the daily life of families and how they need to constantly use that time to remind their children about who God is and what he has done. Those times are mornings, sitting together at home, traveling around town, and bedtime.  Once they crossed the Jordan, Joshua commanded the people to set up a stone for each tribe to make a monument so when children pass by and ask why those stones are there, they can be told about the great things God has done. 4 times a day we are to build reminders, the stones, into the lives of our children.

For ten years, Jon and Nikki Pinney and their children have celebrated the Christmas season using Cradle for the King. They started 4 Stones Publishing to make their treasured tradition available for parents who wanted to bring the focus back onto Christ, back to where Christmas begins. Jon has been involved in children's ministry for close to a decade. Nikki works as a psych nurse and as an educator teaching students how to be great nurses. Having lost their first daughter to infant leukemia, they developed a strong desire to impact the lives of other children and their families. Together, they have been foster parents and have adopted two children. These two love the Cradle for the King tradition almost as much as their Jon and Nikki's second biological daughter who has grown up with it. The children start asking if the Cradle has been found before Thanksgiving arrives.

They have hope, an assurance, that Cradle for the King will bring as many blessings to your family as it has to theirs. "For I know the plans I have for you...plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Clearance!! Help me empty the warehouse!

60% OFF

Cradle for the King comes with a children's book, His Cradle, yarn to make a soft bed (String for the King), and the baby Jesus- a beautiful, plush doll.

Included in the book is a letter to parents with ideas on how to fit Cradle for the King into your family, written by child therapist and Children's Pastor, Cynthia Parkes.

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If you are having the product shipped outside of Florida but still in the US, please choose "Outside Florida".

$54.97 60% OFF! ONLY $21.99! Includes USPS Priority Shipping to any United States address and a lifetime of benefits.

You can also purchase Cradle for the King from your amazon account here. We also have a 12 set case for preschools and churches here.